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Please take a moment to browse through common questions about surveyors, costs and buying/or subdividing properties.

A Surveyor
This is a highly technical field that requires expertise in real estate, property law, public records research, evaluation of
historical survey evidence, mathematics, statistics, measurement systems, planning regulations and current computer

What does a surveyor do?
They establish official land, air space, and water boundaries. They measure and determine the boundaries and topographic
elevations and features of land or a building site. They accurately plot on a map, the angles and distances measured on
the ground. A land surveyor has the duty to uncover and evaluate as much information as possible pertaining to the
location of corners. They also research boundaries using various sources, such as the assessor's and Town Clerk's
office, other agencies and also review documents and maps you might be able to provide.

What education does a surveyor have?
A professional land surveyor is someone who has completed a prescribed course of study as well as on the job apprenticeship
and has passed a written exam testing their skills in surveying subjects, mathematics and the law as it pertains to surveying land
and boundary issues.

What else should I look for in a surveyor?
Choose one with a reputation for skill and good judgement. Professional land surveying is as much a knowledge of
historic boundary law as it is a mathematical science.

Survey Costs
Costs depend on the type of survey that is needed. Costs can be greater on commercial properties, larger parcels, or
locations requiring extensive travel time. If record research is necessary, the surveyor must consider the number of parcels involved,number of past transactions, and the quality of the legal descriptions.

An irregularly shaped parcel has more property corners to mark than rectangular parcels. The property size, along with
features such as water boundaries, has a direct effect on the time required to survey the land.

The cost of a survey is only a small percentage of the cost of buying, refinancing, or subdividing property. The protection
and peace of mind a survey affords is well worth the cost.

Buying/Subdividing Properties
Only a licensed Land Surveyor can define and determine if your deed describes the property. The surveyor will also
determine whether fences, swimming pools, house additions, and other property improvements actually lie on your property
and if adjoining owners have rights over your property via utility easements.

Should I contact a surveyor when subdividing my property or selling individual lots?
Municipalities require an approved subdivision plan before you can sell individual lots. The surveyor will prepare
the required mapping for municipal approvals. They can represent you and your project at Planning & Zoning meetings.
Will a surveyor tell me if the fence lines are the boundaries?

A surveyor will locate existing fences and tell you where they are located. Fence lines do not necessarily designate
boundaries. If requested, a surveyor will locate the property boundaries and mark the property
with monuments. More often a written report in the form of a map or plot plan is the desired end product of the survey.

Should I contact a surveyor when refinancing or applying for a mortgage?
A bank or trust company will often require a survey before lending money.

Should I contact a surveyor when putting an addition onto my home or a fence around my property?
Most Town Planning & Zoning Commissions require a current survey showing existing and proposed conditions to
ensure compliance with local zoning regulations before issuing a building permit. It is advisable to know where
your property lines are before erecting a fence.

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